DRSC 2016-2017

Report for camp day 2 – 2016/2017

I love cheap thrills Well, getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier really feels like two hours… Luckily these extra minutes were put to good use!Words describing today: early birds, rope skipping challenge, lib dub, swimming and ghost walk. It is nice to wake up with a riddle. Curious which one, check out this Dutch […]

Report for camp day 1 – 2016/2017

Already such a nice day at the farm What a day! This morning only breakfast with the volunteers and now a total of 64 persons asleep. Wow…Words describing today: shufflepuck, werewolves, stew and rope skipping! The day started, after having breakfast, with a training session for all staff members. Beside talking about rope skipping they […]


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